CNN's Camerota Calls Trump's Endorsement of Second Amendment 'Tired Talking Point'

“This is just so absurd. It's just so absurd, Chris." Indeed you are, Alysin.

On November 7th’s New Day, CNN pundit Alisyn Camerota continued her push for more gun control. The top of the week's installment found the left-wing host pressing Senator Jeff Flake intensely for further legislative limitations on our rights. And Camerota showed no signs of stopping on Tuesday.

Hosting a panel consisting of Chris Cillizza and David Gregory, Camerota complained that President Trump had been repeating “the same old NRA talking point” regarding the recent mass murder in Texas. Furthermore, she called Trump’s “tired NRA talking point” “absurd.”

True to his leftist ideals, political analyst Gregory called the large number of guns in the U.S. a “problem.” In addition, he made the baseless, breathtakingly absurd claim that there are “more bad guys with weapons” than “good guys.” Commenting on Trump’s response to the shooting:

“I think it's belied by the facts.  We've seen it in the data that our problem in America is way too many guns -- both legal and certainly illegal -- and the fact that those states like Texas that have lax gun laws have easier access to concealed weapons and guns in general -- they get lots of good guys with weapons, but even more bad guys with weapons.”

Host Camerota joined in:

“The President started today in his press conference with that same old NRA talking point -- it's too soon to talk about this, people are grieving, we can't talk about it, we can't look at what went wrong.”

To Camerota, apparently, “(looking) at what went wrong” means sharing her view of gun ownership. Otherwise, any probing into the tragedy is invalid. Later, she commented:

“This is just so absurd.  It's just so absurd, Chris, that the idea -- I mean, the President is sticking to the tired NRA talking point of ‘the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’ That's it -- that is not true in other countries. Other countries are able to stop bad guys from getting guns.  That's how other developed countries do it.”

The Washington Post’s Cillizza added to the anti-gun Trump bashing:

“When I heard -- and I heard it early this morning -- the line we just played from South Korea where he -- I mean, he literally almost says,  "The only way you stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." The problem there is that I think it ends up functioning as a catch-all for, ‘Well, can't do anything.’ And I think what we're doing here -- I actually -- look, Donald Trump said yesterday that this is more a mental health issue than it's a guns issue. I would argue it's a mental health issue and it's a guns issue. And even if you think it's just the one, then we should try to do something on the one.”

In his assertion, Cillizza contradicted a recent study published in his own paper: an October 3rd report by statistician and author Leah Libresco concluded that an increase in gun laws would do very little to impact shootings in the U.S.

But facts weren’t much at play on Tuesday’s New Day. And in their persistent beating of the same anti-gun, fact-contrary drum — a continued mantra that could certainly be considered a “tired talking point” — the left-wing talking heads on CNN’s New Day gave regular viewers a day that was anything but new.