Why the Mainstream Media Must Stop Citing ‘Anti-Hate’-Crusader Southern Poverty Law Center

"What the SPLC wants is to insert into American public life a kind of extreme moral surveillance; one which creates an atmosphere of soft oppression."

At Breitbart, Dale Wilcox, Executive Director and General Counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, noted that his organization released a 2016 disciplinary opinion recently from the Obama-era U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officially reprimanding an attorney from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) "for unprofessional and frivolous behavior in immigration court proceedings."

The SPLC, readers of TruthRevolt are well aware, is a leftist smear group that designates right-wing organizations as "hate groups" in order to demonize them, and which has recently been cited with increasing frequency by mainstream media sources as if it is the final authority on racism, "Islamophobia," and the rest of the usual litany of "hate."

"[T]he SPLC," Wilcox begins, "a tax-exempt 'anti-hate' organization, took it upon itself to file an unsolicited brief with the immigration court attacking us as 'white supremacist,' 'anti-Semitic,' and 'anti-Catholic.' It was an odd bit of name-calling considering my small team happens to include Catholics, Jews, and non-whites."

The DOJ disciplinary counsel reprimanded the SPLC attorney, with a letter calling their attacks “frivolous behavior,” “derogatory name-calling,” and generally showing “a lack of professionalism.”

Wilcox points out that this letter is part of a growing chorus of criticism of the SPLC's "increasingly incoherent 'hate-group' standard" from outlets ranging from HarpersCounterpunchWeekly Standard, and Huffington Post to Reason, Washington Times, and Foreign Policy. "Like the proverbial shark that has to keep swimming," writes Wilcox, "the SPLC must keep fear-mongering and expanding its 'hate-group' narrative lest its donors begin to stray. As JoAnn Wypijewski at The Nation once wrote, the SPLC knows 'hate sells' and, hence, must continue telling donors that the Klan’s just around the corner":

But with the KKK now basically extinct, what’s a “hate-crusader” like the SPLC to do? Apart from opening up an attack on us (31 years after our founding), the SPLC has recently labelled opponents of Common Core as “far-right extremists,” they’ve attacked almost every GOP presidential candidate as either homophobic or racist this past election cycle, and they’ve even attacked The Hobbit for apparently reinforcing the “White Patriarchy.”

So inflammatory and irresponsible is the group’s “hate-watch” commentary, in 2012 they inspired an armed gay-rights activist to enter the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council (a pro-Christian “hate organization” according to the SPLC) in an attempt to, in his words, shoot and kill “as many people as possible.”

Why their “hate-expertise” can’t be taken seriously was reinforced recently when they reportedly snuck-in death statistics from Islam-inspired terrorist-attacks, including Florida’s Pulse Club, in a report that “proved” the US was undergoing a surge in “radical-right” terrorism.


Then there’s the SPLC’s mercurial founder, Morris Dees. Despite his outward appearance as a fighter of “hate,” before starting the group, Dees reportedly worked for segregationists George Wallace and then-candidate for Alabama Attorney-General, McDonald Gallion. Elsewhere, he’s claimed that the Confederate flag is part of his southern heritage.

"Whatever the SPLC’s intentions," Wilcox concludes, "one thing’s certain: Those in the media that still use them as a legitimate 'hate-watch source' have to stop doing so. What the SPLC wants is to insert into American public life a kind of extreme moral surveillance; one which creates an atmosphere of soft oppression that says 'become passive and be unmolested.' This is absolutely not something America values as a nation and my organization will never bow down to such bullying tactics."

Nor shall the David Horowitz Freedom Center, another organization deemed a "hate group" by the hate-mongers at the Southern Poverty Law Center.