Whoopi: : Trump Support 'Blowback From Four Years of a Black President'

"They're just mad, you know, they're mad."

The catty co-host of The View Whoopi Goldberg thinks that Donald Trump's support for POTUS stems from "blowback from four years of a black president."

Discussing the election on Thursday, the catty hosts of ABC feminist roundtable lamented, once again, why Trump garnered so much support, which, according to the hosts, was because they were either racist skinheads or sexist chauvinists.  

After lone Republican Jedediah Bila stated that support for Trump over Hillary stemmed mostly from their fear of a Hillary presidency, co-host Joy Behar – the one who recently referred to Bubba's rape accusers as "tramps" – asserted they were just nihilistic madmen looking to "blow everything up."

"They're just mad, you know, they're mad," tramp stamper Behar asserted.  

Whoopi then interjected, saying, "It’s blowback from four years of a black president, I feel."

After Behar – again, the tramp stamper of rape victims – nodded in agreement as the audience erupted into their catty applause, Whoopie then asserted that sexism played a factor too.  

"I think that's a lot of it," Whoopi stated. "Because that's why the whole woman issue is such a thing. They don't want to hear from their supposed wives what to do with the country. Well, I think when they look at Hillary, forget everything else, she is first and foremost a woman. I think men still have a hard time with everything that's going on in the world taking this from women."