Whoopi: Should We Profile White People 'Because of All the Domestic Terrorism?'

Go home, Whoopi, you're drunk.

We watch The View so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Actually we don't watch it, because no sensible, intelligent person does, but we read up on it afterward because that's TruthRevolt's duty.

As Newsbusters reported, Tuesday’s The View began with host and terrorism expert Whoopi Goldberg losing her mind over the mainstream media's lie that Trump called for racial profiling in the wake of last weekend's terrorism. In fact, Trump never referred to race -- he called for profiling in the manner in which Israel successfully profiles for behavior. Whoopi and her gossipy cohosts, however, traffic not in facts but in leftist hysteria.

So the coven spent the first quarter of the show debating the bigotry and pointlessness of racial profiling. Whoopi kicked things off by stating with a chuckle, “Donald says that this is the time to start racially profiling. Who, who are we going to racially profile? Good God."

Hateful leftist and purported comedienne Joy Behar interjected to say that profiling never works, but former Fox News host and libertarian Jedediah Bila tried to argue that profiling immigrants from "hotbeds of terrorism" makes sense:

"We have this Syrian refugee crises. FBI has come out and said repeatedly we don't have a proper system, a proper mechanism in place to vet these people...We don't really know who they are. So what he's saying is if you come from a hotbed of terrorism, where this notion of Islamic extremism that has been killing people, is prevalent, then you have to vet these people because you just don't know."

Whoopi then wondered, what about all the white terrorists?

"So let me ask you a dumb question. So that takes care of the Syrian fear. What about the other folks? Do we start profiling all the white people because of -- wait, wait -- all the domestic terrorism?

All what domestic terrorists? Does Whoopi really believe that the Islamic terror threat America is facing is no more serious than that from someone like white supremacist loser Dylann Roof? Roof had to carry out his atrocity alone because he couldn't find anyone to take part in it with him. Of course she believes that; as a committed leftist, Whoopi would never, never admit that Islamic terrorism is even a thing.

Behar, who doesn't understand what "hotbed of terrorism" means, observed that Brussels and France have “a lot of terrorism,” so should we keep out the Belgians and French too? That's not what Trump's talking about though, replied Bila. But Behar moved on to the point she had been dying to make: "It's about color."

No, it's not. It's only ever about color for the race-obsessed left.

Anyway, Whoopi then went on to compare Syrian refugee children to black children in integrated schools in the 1960s, conjuring up a bizarre worry that Syrian kids are going to have to walk through lines of screaming, profiling bigots a la Ruby Bridges in Arkansas in 1957.

Bila tried to keep the conversation in the realm of reality by noting that if we didn’t do a better job vetting immigrants, “We’re at risk of another 9/11 or another tragedy.”

Whoopi's not worried, however: "No, we're not going to have another 9/11 because people are paying attention." They are? Is that why the FBI keeps dropping the ball on suspects who show up on their radar and are then ignored, only to go on to commit acts of terrorism?

Whoopi went back to her earlier point that the real danger was not refugees and immigrants from countries where most terrorists originate, but domestic threats like Roof. "For me, is it not important for us to start -- look, I'm less worried about Syrian refugees than I am about domestic terrorism. I just am."

That's because you're a willfully blind leftist, Whoopi. Her comment, however, generated applause from The View's audience, which is composed entirely of celebrity-worshipping progressive sheep.