White House Refuses To Call Jerusalem Part Of Israel

"Wow. Obama Gets Rid of Israel."

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), one of the largest and oldest Jewish organizations in the United States, today issued a statement expressing “concern that President Obama once again insulted both Israel and the United States during Pres. Obama’s speech at former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres’ funeral last Friday.”

An ensuing “corrected” White House press release added further insult, according to Morton Klein, President of the ZOA, who noted

“An initial White House press release issued early Friday morning with a transcript of the president’s speech properly listed the location of President Obama’s speech as 'Mt. Herzl, Jerusalem, Israel.' About nine hours later, the White House issued what it called a 'corrected' release, which crossed out the word 'Israel' (with an actual line through the word 'Israel').  The White House’s bizarre 'correction' aptly resulted in headlines such as: 'Obama Administration Says Israeli Founding Father Was Not Buried in Israel,' and 'Wow. White House Sends Out ‘CORRECTED’ Version Of President’s Eulogy To Strike Out ‘Israel’ After ‘Jerusalem,’' and 'Wow. Obama Gets Rid of Israel.'"

Mt. Herzl cemetery is located in the western part of Jerusalem – an area that has been part of the State of Israel since the nation’s rebirth. 

Klein added,

“The Obama administration has repeatedly gone to similar extreme lengths to obliterate the reality of Israel’s rights and sovereignty. Remarkably, during his eulogy for Shimon Peres, President Obama also inappropriately made negative comments about both the country that he leads –– and the allied country where he was a guest, Israel – in one fell swoop, stating: 'Both our nations have flaws that we have not always fixed, corners of our history which date back to our founding that we do not always squarely address.'" 

Israel’s founding – some 3,000 years ago – and its rebirth in 1948 were not "flawed." Israel has made every effort to live in peace with its neighbors throughout the decades – from prior to Israel’s rebirth onwards – while Arab terrorists have sown murder, pogroms, bombings and deadly intifadas on Israel’s Jewish population from prior to Israel’s rebirth to this day.