MSNBC Ridicules America for 'Mafia' Tactics With UN

"It's...the Tony Soprano School of Diplomacy."

On Thursday, a majority of United Nations members voted to condemn the United States for its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to move its embassy there. In response to the vote, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley invited those members who did not move against the U.S. to a reception in January. Subsequently, on Friday, MSNBC lampooned the act of gratitude for respecting our country's sovereignty, deriding both Haley and President Trump.

Host Chris Jansing asked MSNBC analyst -- and former Obama State Department Under Secretary -- Richard Stengel what he thought of the situation:

“’Exercise our right as a sovereign nation,’ used by Nikki Haley and used against, I guess, the United States. What do you make of all this?”

Stengel smiled during the question, as if it were amusing. Jansing added a wacky tone to, "What do you make of all this?" Stengel served up his partisan best, comparing the U.S. to the Mafia:

"Well, it's all kind of the Tony Soprano School of Diplomacy. You extort people to get them to go along with your point of view."

Stengel mocked the stature of the countries which sided with the U.S., saying:,

"That party that she's having -- if you look at the nations that actually voted with us...most people have never heard of them. You could have the party in this room."

Taking the side of Europe rather than the side of our own sovereignty, Stengel continued:

"France, the UK, Germany -- all voted against us."

"Is this...really a big embarrassment?" Jansing prodded.

Stengel did note that the U.N. has a history of condemning Israel, while the U.S. perpetually stands with the maligned country:

“I mean, the U.N. votes non-binding resolutions against Israel like three times a week, that happens all the time.”

Not seeming to have a problem with the U.N.'s commitment against Israel, Stengel instead ridiculed Trump for caring:

"What is silly about the Trump administration acted like this is something new...the U.N. has been voting against Israel for 40 years, and we have been sticking up for it."

Prior to the vote, President Trump had pointed out that we are the biggest financial contributor to the international organization, and that we can pull that funding if we choose. Rather than siding with America, Stengel attacked Trump:

"This kind of Mafia-esque way of saying we might withhold that money as a threat...people realize is an empty threat.”

Stengel shouldn't be so sure. Obama was afraid to call a terrorist by that name; we have a very different man in the White House now. Thankfully. He isn't afraid to stand up for America or Israel -- unlike the Left, on both counts.