White House Praises Kendrick Lamar's Racial Grammy Performance

My Brother's Keeper

The Obama White House is now praising performances at the Grammy Awards so long as they promote leftist agendas.

At the Grammy Awards Monday night, rap-musician Kendrick Lamar performed his song "The Blacker The Berry" with dancers and musicians clad in prison garb, obviously as some kind of statement about America's alleged oppression of blacks in the 21st century. See video:


Shortly after the performance, the White House twitter account heaped praise upon Lamar for the musical performance, thanking them for "working to build a brighter future."



Obama and Kendrick Lamar are apparently good friends, with Lamar having served as a celebrity spokesman for the Obama administration’s My Brother’s Keeper program

Lamar's song “How Much a Dollar Cost” from the album To Pimp a Butterfly has also been praised by Obama as the President's favorite song of 2015.  Lamar's Grammy performance Monday night received a standing ovation.