Concerned Student Reports KKK on Campus: Wait, My Bad, That’s Lab Equipment

Sorry, jumped the gun a bit.

It’s 2017, so everyone is hyper aware of the large Ku Klux Klan presence in America, especially on college campuses. One student at Bowling Green State University was hot on the trail of one hooded member she saw brazenly sitting near the window of a classroom. She got as close as comfortable and snapped a video saying, “I forget that there is an ACTIVE KKK GROUP HERE IN BG OHIO.” They’ve been active since 1922, she added. The president of the school was tagged in the Twitter message and asked, “Soo, how does this promote diversity &a [sic] inclusion??”

Understanding this student’s grave concern, the president rushed over to the science classroom to nab the suspect and escort him off the property and that’s when he was confronted with a harsh dose of reality: there is NO ACTIVE KKK GROUP ON CAMPUS. The hooded menace was actually just a piece of lab equipment covered in white plastic.

It’s an honest mistake. Happens all the time, really. It was whitish, pointy, and it looked like it had at least one eye hole cut out. How could you blame her?

Well, we here at TruthRevolt couldn't resist mocking this extremely sensitive student, nor could others. More below, via Stacey Dash’s blog:


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