Where was the Left’s Outrage When Obama Called Libya a ‘Sh*tshow?’

Can you say, “hypocrisy?”

President Trump denies calling Haiti and Africa “shithole countries” in a private meeting as does his Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. But for the media and its leftist sycophants, he said it for reals and that makes him a full-fledged racist. 

Outrage over Trump’s undeniably tough talk on immigration issues is saturating the airwaves and Twitter-waves. The pious Left can’t believe a president would stoop so low to use the S-word. Former Vice President Joe Biden called Obamacare a “big f***ing deal” live on television and the Left happily agreed with that wording. And when President Obama called Libya a “shitshow” in an interview with The Atlantic, there was no 24/7 news coverage of that being a racist remark.

As The Washington Times pointed out, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh jumped all over this hypocrisy from the Left and excoriated the media on his program:

“These people talk this way every day to themselves talking about us. They think Mississippi is a hellhole. They think Alabama is a hellhole. They think flyover country is for bitter clinger redneck reprobates. They talk this way all the time. I don’t think Anderson Cooper almost crying was genuine. I don’t even think these people are news anchors. I think they are actors. I actually now believe that not only is the daily so-called news a soap opera, but the journalists reporting it on television are actors. […] Anderson Cooper learned how to fake the near tears.”

Limbaugh continued, noting how Obama’s comment, which is documented in print, got completely ignored:

“Barack Hussein Obama, the hero of refinement and sophistication and temperament to all of these people on the left, refers to Libya as an excrement show. He refers to a country, not as an excrement hole, but as an excrement show. Nine times you find that word in this Atlantic story, and I don’t remember anybody being upset about the way the president was speaking. ‘It’s so demeaning. We don’t want presidents talking this way.’ Nine times.

“These people act like they are the pristine examples of decorum and propriety, like it’s just so beyond the pale that anybody would ever use that word as a president in the Oval Office. And yet you can boing interns all day and all night and have it said to be nobody’s business. […] The outrage is phony because they have become actors.”

We couldn’t say it any better. 

Here's another example: In this funny and brilliantly edited video, President Trump “listens” along as Democratic presidents say the same things he does about illegal immigration yet received the media’s praise. The double standard is stunning:



Photo by marcn on Foter.com / CC BY