WATCH: Two Ex-Muslims Explain that Sharia in America Would Get Them Killed

Yet, that's what Linda "Cockroach" Sarsour wants to usher in.

Here’s a very entertaining video that came across the desk today via conservative radio host Wayne Dupree. 

The two men in a car describe themselves as Palestinian, ex-Muslims who are now Christians and spend six minutes bashing “Palestinian provocateur” Linda Sarsour, her call for jihad against President Trump, and what it would mean if she got her way and sharia law came into the United States.

The video starts off with a bang as the men translate the meaning of “Sarsour” in ancient Arabic. It means “cockroach” and the men have a good laugh and even joke about their own names.

But it’s no laughing matter when they talk about how Sarsour wants to usher in sharia law into the U.S. and how other liberal feminists, like Gloria Steinem, are jumping on board and even offering public defense of Islam’s prophet Muhammed. How odd that a feminist would be for sharia seeing as a woman’s testimony is considered half of a man’s testimony in the law, as the men explain: 

“When you go to court and you’ve got an abusive husband — sorry! His testimony is worth two women’s testimony and this is according to the Koran.”

The two ex-Muslim men then explain that as Christians, they expect to be killed under sharia and read from the Koran, chapter four, verse 89, to prove it:

“‘If they turn their backs’ — that’s us, who turned our backs on Islam, who forsook Islam, which everybody should do — ‘If they turn their backs, pursue them and kill them wherever you find them.’ So, you’re supposed to kill us and Muslims know this.”

But there’s good news for sharia lovers everywhere: no one will be paying interest on their credit cards! Sarsour loves selling that one.

Watch this video. It’s a must see!