Linda Sarsour Exposes Herself Once Again as Leftist Hypocrite

"When women in Iran risk their lives to protest oppressive, abusive govt... these fake feminists are silent."

In light of "right-wing hawks" vocalizing support for Iranians protesting their oppressive government, The New Republic's Sarah Jones slammed conservatives yesterday for having no place denouncing oppression, given their lack of credibility concerning women's rights.

Guardian foreign affairs journalist Rossalyn Warren feels similarly:


Could this dismissal of conservatives be in part due to the Right's spotlight on Women's March organizer and pro-Islam hypocrite Linda Sarsour? The "women's advocate" supports women's issues, only as endorsed by radical left-wing politics. Otherwise, she isn't interested. Case in point: Iran.

Tipping Point host Liz Wheeler called Sarsour out:

"It's funny to me that @lsarsour & @TamikaDMallory hit the streets with pink pussy hats to protest Trump (a man who never hurt them), but when women in Iran risk their lives to protest oppressive, abusive govt... these fake feminists are silent."


Sarsour's response was completely deflective, the truth apparently too powerful for her to bear:

"Where r u protesting police murders of Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Stanley Jones? Or for Rohingya Muslim women being mass raped? attacks on our right as women to choose for our bodies in the USA? The courageous women of Iran don’t need ur empty, hypocritical support."

And then:

"Since @Liz_Wheeler is so concerned about the courageous women of Iran - let’s see where she will be in 2018 protecting the rights of her fellow American women to choose for their own bodies. Hint: you won’t find her." 

The rights to choose for their own bodies? Does she mean the bodies that get raped and murdered in areas where radical Islam flourishes via Sharia law? Or the bodies that are being oppressed in Iran?

In a stunning ode to hypocrisy, Sarsour went on to accuse Wheeler of "selective outrage:

To quote President Trump:

Enter the truth:





Boom again!

Incidentally, it's more than just conservative women who are covering the Rohingya genocide:


Linda Sarsour, sadly, is typical of the Left: she claims "women's issues," when she really means "leftist causes." And -- as is evident perpetually among her side of the aisle -- she claims truth, when she speaks lies.