WATCH: Parody Hilariously Mocks Those Triggered by Halloween Costumes

“For no meek mortal can resist the tweeting of a trigger.”

Before you go out tonight for a fun time with the family trick or treating, watch Remy Munasifi’s parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and make sure no one in your family is culturally appropriating with their costumes or else… you'll unleash the triggering.

Munasifi’s Trigger gets everything right about the outrage culture and the ever-offended leftists. And instead of frightening, blood-drooling zombies, the video features such horrors as ponchos and sombreros, or perhaps even worse, a sumo wrestler!

“Cuz this is trigger, trigger night. And no one’s there to save you from a joke that you don’t like.”

Go ahead — watch, laugh — you’ll be singing it all night!