Rep. Waters Gives ‘Stump Speech for 2020,’ Promises Reparations

“I’m Maxine Waters. I am a progressive.”

On Saturday in Selma, Alabama, California Democrat and vociferous Trump-hater Maxine Waters excited a large gathering of African-Americans after she promised them reparations.

Waters’ words were so well-received by her audience that CNN commentator Angela Rye, who was moderating the event, pressed the long-time congresswoman: “Is that your stump speech for 2020?” Waters never answered, but soaked in the applause. Her interest was solely to bash Trump and make promises she could never keep.

Waters said it’s time the U.S. had a president that “understands diplomacy.” She doesn’t like Trump’s attitude of American exceptionalism, like when he compares our military strength to other nations like saying we have the "bigger gun." (NEWSFLASH, Mrs. Waters, we DO have the biggest gun!) Waters thinks the days of “peace and justice and respect for individual liberty” is non-existent so long as Trump is president. 

“He’s a bully. He has a bully mentality,” Waters said. Surprisingly, she didn’t lead the crowd in a chant of “impeach 45” which she so often does.

Then a man from the crowd stepped up to the mic to urge Rep. Waters to support the reparations bill put forth last year by the now-retired Michigan Democrat John Conyers.

“I’d be happy to do that, that’s no problem,” Waters said, quickly rising from her chair to continue stumping.

She then laid out what steps would be necessary to repay blacks for a 200-year-old mistake:

“But let me tell you this, in order to get where we need to go on this issue and other issues, we really got to understand that 2018 is important to taking back the House and taking back the Senate. And of course, we’ve got to get the White House back.

“If we want to get to the point where we can get reparations, we’ve got to have the power to do that; number one, by having a supportive president would be wonderful, but taking back the House would be absolutely wonderful.”

In case anyone was confused, Waters reminded the room exactly who she is:

“I’m Maxine Waters. I am a progressive. I am a liberal. I am someone who is willing to step way outside of the box in order to do what America has not done.”

Lastly came the call to get registered to vote.

“I need y’all to register and vote. I need to take back that House so that we can have a majority in the committee,” Waters said. “I am the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee that oversees Wall Street and HUD and all of that.”

Getting her biggest applause of the event, Waters ended, “And by the way, we gonna take care of Ben Carson, too.”

Woke Waters proved the old adage that politicians will promise the world so long as it means getting votes. 

H/T American Mirror