WATCH: Ad Mocking Kim Jong Un Rejected by NBC for Super Bowl

No one makes fun of "dear leader."

Take 40 seconds and watch a commercial mocking North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, because you sure won’t see it this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

The ad, by AML BitCoin, shows North Korea trying to hack into the company’s crypto-currency to no avail. This angers “dear leader” and Un throws a tantrum all around the room while his hackers sweat it out, figuring they’re probably going to die.

NBC rejected the ad, claiming it was “too political.” 

AML BitCoin president Marcus Andrade sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in response:

We have been informed by our media buyers that the network carrying the NFL’s Super Bowl game, NBC, will not accept our television ad “North Korea Can’t Steal AML BitCoin” for placement during the broadcast.

An ad taking Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea, to task in a humorous and biting way should not be offensive to anyone. Our ad reminds viewers that Kim Jong-un and his army of hackers have been stealing billions of dollars of Bitcoin and other digital currencies for the past few years, funding their rogue nuclear weapons programs and thwarting efforts by the rest of the world to sanction this behavior. And our ad points out that, unlike the other digital currencies, the AML BitCoin has been designed with features that prevent his army from stealing it.

We can see why Goodell doesn’t have the guts to go after a tyrant; it was his organization that also rejected a veterans group’s ad for the Super Bowl program that asked attendees to honor the military and stand for the national anthem. It seems the NFL would rather protect the feelings of a few kneeling millionaire brats and a murderous dictator than push a strong, proud America.