Washington Nightclub Tosses Sneakers Ban Due to Cries of Racism

"There will be no dress code applied anymore at all."

One might think a nightclub having a dress code is fair: the owners of a business are entitled to decide the guidelines thereof. Not so, according to left-wing, social justice warriors.

El Centro, a restaurant and nightclub in Washington, DC, recently fired a bouncer and removed its restriction against the wearing of sneakers by patrons. The move came after publicity over an article featured on The Root

Brian Gordon -- who is black -- accused the restaurant of preventing him from entering due to his Converse sneakers while whites wearing similar shoes were allowed access. Gordon waited outside for 10 minutes, at which time he was finally granted entrance. This, according to his friend Yesha Callahan, The Root's managing editor.

In light of the traction of the Root piece, the Sandoval Restaurant Group -- which owns El Centro -- has removed the sneakers ban entirely. In addition, the bouncer has been let go. A managing partner for the company released the following statement to The Root:

“The [security guard] in question has been relieved of his duties and will no longer be working at the venue. Furthermore, there will be no dress code applied anymore at all. Not to stop there, I am scheduling a training workshop for the rest of the team to make sure such incidents may never happen again."

The partner, Ayyaz Rashid, also noted that some of the patrons inside the restaurant portion of the complex -- which did not have a dress code -- wore sneakers. “I am a person of color myself, so to hear that I would be enforcing such policies, it’s pretty personal to me," he said.

Is this really what we've come to? Restrictions on footwear are "personal?"

There was a time when businesses stood their ground and capitalism ruled. In that time, the security guard would have been fired and the dress code would have been equally and fairly enforced. However, presently, 44 percent of millennials support socialism. The rights of businesses are being attacked -- such as the rights of bakeries with regard to same-sex weddings. Furthermore, the Left's cry of racism has permeated American culture. We are in dire need of fighting the hysterical claims that the United States is a racist country. Otherwise, we encourage more hysteria -- such as the kneeling of the NFL to protest a social ill which doesn't exist. And we end up with more people like Barry Gordon, who walk away believing the country hates the color of his skin. Gordon told The Washington Post:

“I don’t really have any interest in returning to a restaurant that clearly doesn’t want me or anyone who looks like me."

Photo by ye-wa on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA