Washington DC Subway Bans Christmas, Offers Gay Hookups


Christmas is offensive to the general public, but homosexual hookups make everyone happy. That seems to be the opinion of D.C.'s Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which has declined to run a church's Christmas ads but has no qualms about making the Yuletide gay.

The Archdiocese's advertisement features an outline of shepherds, cast against a nighttime sky with the words "Find the Perfect Gift." Incredibly, the WMATA's policy -- effective since 2015 -- disallows ads which "promote or oppose any religion, religious practice or belief." Translation: the city's public transportation agency bans Christmas.

Last year, WMATA displayed posters in its Metro stations advertising a "gay hookup, dating, cruising and sex site," called -- brace yourself -- "Squirt." Decency prevents the inclusion of a link, but suffice it to say, the images befit the directness of the name.

Funny -- according to the Left, sexual identity is to be afforded the same protections as religious affiliation. Somehow, yet, the nation's left-wing capital opts to support one while barring the other.

In defense of its ads for Squirt, the WMATA told CNS News in August of 2016:

“Metro advertising space has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their content, provided that they conform with our Board-approved ad policy."

For now, a federal judge has upheld Metro's shameful ban on Christmas and oppression of Christianity, although the government's moratorium appears to violate "viewpoint neutrality," a legal doctrine stating that the government can't discriminate against a particular viewpoint.

The ban may be overturned, but for now, WMATA has made things clear: if you live in the D.C., area, Uncle Sam doesn't want you to Find the Perfect Gift. He does, however, giddily hope you Find the Perfect Gay. Happy Hunting.