Transgenders Using Bathroom of Their Choice: Ohio School Board Says No...For Now

"We need to rewrite the thing and do it right."

Long gone are the days of Milton Berle dressing in drag to comic effect. The comedy classic Some Like it Hot — in which Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis disguise themselves as women to escape mobsters and huddle close to Marilyn Monroe — would never get made now. These days, not only are men wearing dresses and identifying as women, but they demand they be called the opposite of what they in reality are — men. The clothes, it used to be said, make the man; but to the Left, the clothes now make the man a woman. However, one Ohio school board is holding fast to sanity and saying no to men using women’s restrooms.

On Monday night, the Lakota Local School Board voted against a policy which would allow anyone identifying as transgender to use the bathroom of his or her choice. The vote came down to a narrow 3-2 victory for biology. About the proposed policy, board member Todd Parnell explained:

“It’s poorly written policy, and it does not have legal support. It’s a completely rushed and haphazard process coming up with this thing. We need to rewrite the thing and do it right.”

Or maybe not do it at all.

Parnell's comment doesn’t sound too promising. In fact, according to, some parents actually wanted the policy to pass. Linda Nix, mom to a transgendered alumnus of the school, said:

“This is not going to go away; it’s only going to compound. This should not be about politics, or about personal or religious beliefs. It’s about what is best for our district and for our students.”

How in the world could a boy using a girl’s bathroom be allowed through any means other than personal beliefs? Secondly, isn't it "best" for students not to encourage the delusions of those with a psychological disorder?

Nix pressed the board to affirm the policy, which, according to, would affect roughly 18,000 students. 

The board was led to such a vote due to an incident in 2014, in which teen Josh Alcorn — aka “Leelah” — ran into oncoming traffic and ended his life. Alcorn’s parents had taken him to a Christian therapist for "[feeling] like a girl trapped in a boy's body," though they had never heard the name “Leelah” until after his death — it was the moniker he used in his suicide note. 

In the note, Josh wrote that his mom had “reacted extremely negatively” to the news of his believing he was female. He said, “[She told me] it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl…If you are reading this, parents, please don’t tell this to your kids…Don’t ever say that to someone…That won’t do anything but make them hate themself [sic].”

This is the sad and dangerous result of the Left's indoctrination of our nation's youth: the belief that gender is a state of mind rather than biological reality. Instead of teens such as Josh getting longterm help, they are being encouraged to embrace the delusion to liberate themselves from a false identity. But the suicide-attempt rate among the transgender population is exceptionally high -- 41%, compared to 4.6% for Americans on average, and 30% for military veterans. And the left insists on punishing the many for the ills of the few: if they have their way, women will be subject to men invading their restrooms and locker rooms.

And the invasion is coming: Lakota isn’t the only school system considering transgender allowances — a board in Portland, Maine is contemplating forcing teachers to reaffirm the fantasies of transgender students. Maryland schools recently voted to allow boys into girls’ dressing rooms and bathrooms -- and vice versa -- based on their self-identification. What used to be a reason to laugh is now a sad state of affairs, thanks to the disturbing and destructive influence of the American Left.