WaPo's David Von Drehle Hopes for Trump Recession

"A recession, slump, or God forbid, crash."

File this one under "No Surprise." Despite the previous year of Trump-led economic gains, left-wing writer David Von Drehle predicts doom and gloom from the Republican President.  

According to Von Drehle's piece in The Washington Post, America will soon see "a recession, slump, or God forbid, crash." The national affairs and politics columnist's prediction has until the 2020 election to come true, the fulfillment of which, it can safely be assumed, would suit the writer just fine at the voting booth.

Von Drehle's op-ed in The Post is titled "The Trump Recession," and it easily reveals his political bias. It should be noted that he is not an economic analyst, and that he was previously editor of Time Magazine -- the publication that gave us this cover:

And this one:

Nevertheless, Von Drehle is sure of himself, stating, "History suggests that the next recession is not far off." Furthermore, he says, there are several potential triggers of a recession looming in the immediate future, including:

• Democrats could win "control of the House and ignite an impeachment crisis."

• Mueller's investigation could take "an unsettling turn."

• President Trump could make good on "his trade war threats."

• Trump's tax cuts (huh?).

Von Drehle is of the opinion that tax cuts are simply delaying the inevitable:

"The recession that might have arrived in 2018 and passed like a summer storm will likely be shoved back a couple of years. [When the recession comes, Trump will] throw open the government’s liquor cabinets and pour out every stimulating drop he can get his hands on in a desperate effort to keep the party going through 2020. What a morning-after that is likely to be."

So hopes Von Drehle and the Left. Meanwhile, America is riding high with a Republican in the White House. 

Von Drehle's prediction might more accurately be called a wish. After all, he previously accused Donald Trump of empowering white supremacists. Moreover, in 2008, he gushed about Time's Person of the Year Barack Obama:

"He possesses a rare ability to read the imperatives and possibilities of each new moment and organize himself and others to anticipate change and translate it into opportunity."

In 2010, about the Tea Party with its own Person of the Year designation, Von Drehle predicted their collapse.

One can only imagine his collapse when Donald Trump became President. But for now, leftist David Von Drehle must simply endure the reality of America's prosperity under Trump.