WaPo's Dana Milbank: 'Democrats 'Embarrassing' Themselves in Response to SOTU, Trump

"It gives me no pleasure to say this..."

Dana Milbank is no friend to Trump. The left-wing columnist has previously contributed articles to The Washington Post such as "President Trump is killing me. Really" and "President Trump actually is making us crazy." However, even Milbank must admit that the Democrats' ridiculous, partisan behavior during and following the State of the Union address is a complete embarrassment:

"It gives me no pleasure to say this, but the Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union was embarrassing."

Milbank makes clear, in his Post article "Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union was embarrassing," that his perspective isn't skewed by pro-Trump bias:

"I take a back seat to nobody in decrying President Trump’s cynical and divisive performance. He repeatedly exploited Americans’ divisions on race, guns, God, immigration — anything to distract from the broken promises, vulgarity and worse that define his presidency."

Milbank then proceeds to ream the Left over the absurdity of their persistent protests:

"But the Democrats, with their childish protests, took the bait. Symbolic dissent is fine, but this was a cacophony of causes: black clothing (for #MeToo), kente ties and sashes (because of Trump’s Africa insult), butterfly stickers (for the “dreamers”), red buttons (for a victim of racial crime) and the more bipartisan purple ribbons (for the opioid epidemic)."

Continuing, Milbank excoriates Democrats for their immature behavior at the 95th State of the Union speech:

"Worse, dozens of Democrats refused to stand when the president entered the House chamber, forgetting that one stands out of respect for the office, not the officeholder. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) grabbed a middle-aisle seat only to turn his back on the president when he walked past. Democrats groaned, scoffed, heckled and made lemon-biting faces. Others simply boycotted. In short, they did the same sort of things they (and I) denounced Republican lawmakers for when they did them to President Barack Obama."

Official responses to the address, according to Milbank, didn't fare any better:

"That there were no fewer than five Democratic speeches in response to the State of the Union only compounded the confusion."

One of the pleasures of observing politics is watching the Left eat its own. However, Milbank's op-ed isn't merely amusing; it is a stunningly honest critique of the ever-melting left side of the aisle. It's difficult to watch an entire group implode. With each childish fit they pitch, they Make America Grate Again. But that's okay; we welcome their increasingly pathetic failure.