WaPo's Emily Heil Lampoons Pence for Valentine's Gift, Adores Obama Tweet

“Was it a Whitman’s sampler? One of those teddy bears clutching a cluster of faux flowers?”

Washington Post gossip peddler Emily Heil condemned Vice President Mike Pence Thursday, over a Valentine's Day gift for his wife. Meanwhile, Heil oozed amore for the Obamas' celebration of the romantic holiday.

Heil set the sarcastic tone of her treatment of the vice president with her article's headline, "Mike Pence bought a Valentine's Day Gift for His Wife at...CVS." She snarked:

"Hey, isn’t that…Vice President Pence, on Wednesday night dropping by a retail spot known for its selection of gifts every woman loves?”

Heil referenced sightings of Pence -- who laudibly honors his wife by, among other things, not going to dinner with other women -- at the CVS near the White House; CBS reporter Jacqueline Alemany evidently interviewed the store's cashier, who divulged that the VP had purchased a last-minute present for his wife. Heil proposed a few -- in her view, tacky -- options:

“Was it a Whitman’s sampler? One of those teddy bears clutching a cluster of faux flowers?”

With an upturned nose, Heil explained that Alemany detailed Pence's purchase in an email:

"The cashier informed [Alemany] Pence bought pink roses. She still fears Pence might have made an errant flower choice, because she noticed there were also pink carnations (ew!) in the box where the Veep had gotten his blooms. 'While I desperately hope he got the roses over carnations, I only have a single source on that,' she wrote."

Of course, the context of Pence's buy was unknown. Still, Heil shunned his everyman gesture. 

By contrast, Heil oozed over a simple V-Day tweet by left-wing savior Barack Obama:

"Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make every day and every place better."

Continuing the sycophantic praise, Heil gushed:

"Former President Barack Obama continuing his yearly tradition of social media PDA. Following suit (and perhaps one-upping her husband a bit), former first lady Michelle Obama dedicated a playlist to 44 to mark the occasion, choosing 44 love songs by some of the couple’s favorite artists including Janelle Monae, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder."

This isn't Heil's first display of grotesque bias; she bashed Trump administration Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's fiancee in June for sporting diamond jewelry. However, the gossip writer giddily emoted over the Obamas' $8.1 million rental house, celebrating its "swanky" location.

We suppose Pence would have done better -- in Heil's estimation -- if he had simply typed out a quick sentence on his iPhone, rather than going to a store to pick out a gift for his wife. Or, more likely, perhaps he only needed to be a Democrat.