WaPo Thanks Alabama for Voting for ‘Decency and Dignity’ in Doug Jones

“He should make his state proud.”

The Washington Post editorial board sent a big “THANK YOU” to Alabama voters for choosing Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore, which in its opinion, saved the Deep South-state from further historical embarrassment:

In Tuesday’s special election, the state by a narrow margin chose to spare the nation the indignity of seating an accused child molester in the U.S. Senate. Though the stain of electing Republican Roy Moore would have sullied Alabama, seemingly confirming every negative stereotype about the Deep South state, the shame would have been national. Instead, Alabama voters chose Democrat Doug Jones to represent them until 2021.

WaPo editors went on to praise Jones as “an honorable man with an admirable record of public service who ran a respectful campaign,” even though he doesn’t line up with most voters in the state on issues like abortion. That extremely important issue doesn’t seem like such a big deal to the editorial board who just couldn’t stop celebrating Jones’ win and reveling in Moore’s loss:

His behavior suggests he will serve with decency and care in the Senate. He should make his state proud. None of these fine things could have been said of Mr. Moore. It is beyond heartening that Alabamians refused to overlook or forgive Mr. Moore’s misshapen character…

If Americans should feel grateful to Alabama voters, so should the Republican Party, much of which debased itself by following President Trump into the gutter of support for Mr. Moore. Its majority in the Senate will be slightly narrower, but the dignity of the Senate GOP caucus will be at least partially salvaged. Alabama voters spared the Senate Ethics Committee the dilemma of how to handle a senator who was clearly unfit but who nevertheless won a popular election. Instead of inviting controversy and chaos, they elected Mr. Jones, a man who deserves the honor.

Thanks to Alabama, Americans can wake up Wednesday morning feeling hopeful about the decency and dignity of their democracy.

Now that that's out of the way, The Washington Post can get back to offering its readers an impartial look at the national news.