WaPo: Americans Aren't Taxed Enough

Columnist says you need to pay more.

Well that's blunt.

A senior columnist for The Washington Post says simply that Americans are not taxed enough and need to pay more. Robert J. Samuelson writes that the proposals from the Republicans on tax reform are heading in the wrong direction and America needs to have a discussion about hiking taxes.

We need higher, not lower, taxes. What we should be debating is the nature of new taxes (my choice: a carbon tax), how quickly (or slowly) they should be introduced and how much prudent spending cuts could shrink the magnitude of tax increases.

Samuelson makes some valid points, like only five federal budgets in surplus since 1961 and the ever-growing federal debt, but he fails to grasp that government has grown exponentially since 1961 as programs and departments funded by Congress have expanded.

When looking for a solution Samuelson doesn't look at cutting back on spending but instead calls for more taxes.

To put this slightly differently: Americans are under-taxed. We are under-taxed not in some principled and philosophical sense that there is an ideal level of taxation that we haven’t yet reached. We are under-taxed in a pragmatic and expedient way. For half a century, we haven’t covered our spending with revenue from taxes.  

While Samuelson makes arguments familiar to Republicans about the need to balance the budget before the increasing debt does damage to the economy, his solutions, are as you would expect from The Post, center solely on taking more money out of your pocket rather than shrinking the voracious appetite of Washington.