BOOM: WaPo Tells Dems to Take Hike Over Tax Hike Lies

"Any Democrat who spread this claim should delete their tweets and make clear they were in error.”

The Washington Post rebuked Democrats Thursday by fact-checking their claims against the Republican tax reform bill. Several Dems had decried the bill, stating that it would result in a tax increase for the middle class — $794 for households with an annual income of up to $86,100. According to the Post, that allegation originated in a report created by Dems on the Joint Economics Committee. But those on the left side of the aisle are currently cherry-picking their facts, to deceptive effect. The report states:

“If enacted, the Republican tax reform proposal would saddle 8 million households that earn up to $86,100 with an average tax increase of $794—a substantial expense for working families.”

In their attacks of the bill, left-wing lawmakers such as Kamala Harris and Jeff Merkley have conveniently omitted the reality that the increase would be limited to “8 million households.” That constraint is notable, given that the number involved indicates only 6.5% of American households in the lower three income categories. Per the report, roughly 80% of households will actually receive a tax cut. While the biggest average tax cut will apply to the top quintile of household income, that group also holds the greatest percentage households to receive an increase in taxes.

The Post was fairly cutting in its criticism of the Dems for the deception:

“In their haste to condemn the GOP tax plan, Democrats have spread far and wide the false claim that families making less than $86,100 on average will face a hefty tax hike...Actually, it’s the opposite.  Most families in that income range would get a tax cut.  Any Democrat who spread this claim should delete their tweets and make clear they were in error.”

The Post's exposure of the dishonesty of the Democrats is just one more reality check regarding leftists’ all-out war against Donald Trump. They’re here to fight, and they will fight dirty. That being said, the fact that the Post called them out on their lies is a refreshing reason for hope regarding a media landscape so often defiled by left-wing bias.