TV Show Rewrites Entire Season After Hillary Lost, Will Bleep Out Trump’s Name

No one watches anyway.

The show Broad City on Comedy Central, produced by Amy Poehler, was so confident that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election that the new season was going to celebrate her victory. But after a devastating blow to their egos when President Donald Trump was announced, the writing team chucked most of the script and started fresh. Now, instead of celebrating Clinton, the show will have to talk about Trump. However, they have vowed to bleep out every mention of his name.

Co-creator and actress on the show Ilana Glazer said, “There's no airtime for this orange (person). We bleep his name the whole season."

“We wrote (Season 4) being like, ‘Here we go! Hillary for president!'" Glazer added. “This game-show host became president of our country, we rewrote a lot.”

The new season of Broad City will premier this August. Glazer teased the plot of the first episode in which she thinks she is a witch:

"A witch is really just a woman who's in touch with her womanhood. Ilana's ‘powers' are decreasing during the current administration because it's just so hard to [orgasm] when you know so many people are in such danger. So Ilana works through her Trump-related [hang-up] and it's wild."

Yeah, that’s probably why no one outside of L.A. or New York is watching, or even heard of this show.

Last year, Clinton appeared in a cameo in an episode where one of the characters worked at her campaign headquarters. The main characters discussed feeling awed by the fact that Clinton, at some point, walked those same floors and breathed in the same air in the room. And just then, Hillary Clinton walks into the room and the girls lose their minds.

In the end, their perfect plans were crushed.

See the clip below:

H/T Washington Free Beacon