The View’s Sunny Hostin Says America Doesn’t Care About Brown People

“I hate to put it out there, but…”

ABC’s aptly named The View—singular as opposed to plural, since they marginalize any perspective opposed to a leftist outlook—raised a question Tuesday that pushed even their hosts' usual standards of ridiculousness.

According to Newsbusters, while discussing Puerto Rico’s deep need for post-hurricane assistance, and a possible ambivalence on the part of Americans over the territory’s devastation, host Sunny Hostin posed the possibility of racism.

Prompted by a tweet by Trump referring to the Caribbean commonwealth’s “broken infrastructure and massive debt,” the leftist legal analyst dropped the “R” bomb after Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar questioned whether President Trump was aware that Puerto Rico was part of the U.S.:

WHOOPI:  There are desperate pleas this morning coming out of Puerto Rico which is dealing with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Now, the official White House Twitter response noted that the country is already suffering from broken infrastructure, massive debt, and is in deep trouble. Um, I'm not sure that's what they needed to hear right now from the guy who is supposed to be running the country.


WHOOPI: I wonder if he realizes that these are American citizens in Puerto Rico. This is part of America.

BEHAR: Maybe he doesn’t know that!

HOSTIN: Why hasn't he visited Puerto Rico? Why hasn’t he visited?…I'm just so surprised that there was this swell of support when the hurricanes hit Florida and hit the mainland, but we have heard silence from so many citizens. I just—it’s hurtful…I hope it's not because Puerto Rico has a lot of brown people. And I hate to put it out there, but I really hope that that's not the case, that people don't realize that these are your brothers and sisters.

This is how the elite Left sees our country. This is the breathtakingly immature way they believe conservative Americans think— to care or not care, based on whether someone is “brown.” From the bubble atop their ivory tower, this is The View.