'The View' Practically Beg 'Inspiring' Chelsea to Run for POTUS

Could this cackling horde be any more tone deaf?

The cackling horde known as The View are back again, peddling asinine ideas that in no way shape or form will ever benefit this country. Case in point: On Wednesday the crew practically begged guest Chelsea Clinton to run for president because -- wait for it -- her tweets inspire hope in so many. 

Sara Haines, an official co-member of the cackling horde, began, "Well you [Chelsea] said you’re not interested in running for a political office, but your political tweets do give people hope."

Does Haines realize this is the same person who tweeted about "World Menstrual Hygiene Day?" 

"Is there anything that would change your mind?" Haines pressed on. 

Chelsea then prattled on about how she looks forward to supporting women throwing their hat in the political ring. 

"As I have said before, I don’t think being a citizen is something that just happens on I think registering to vote and showing up to vote is hugely important," Clinton said. Yes, and for the Democratic Party it's especially important that people vote multiple times in the same election, not to mention getting illegal aliens and the dead to vote.

"I’m incredibly encouraged by the more than 13,000 young women who’ve reached out to EMILY’s List off the sidelines and others saying they now want to run for office — for city council and for school board, for stage legislator, for Congress. And so, I hope that we will have more women throwing their hat in the ring, and I look forward to supporting some of those women in the future."

Because it's all about fighting the patriarchy, don't you know.

The View consistently embodies everything that is wrong with the American Left.