Media Still Won't Ask Chelsea About Her Dad's Accusers Like They Do Ivanka

The double standard is astounding.

Chelsea Clinton is making the rounds promoting a new children’s book but don’t expect the media to dig deeper than that. In fact, in two separate interviews, nothing was ever brought up about her father’s rape accusers. They just want to help sell her book. But when Ivanka Trump is in the chair, the media treats her much differently and must know if she “believes” her father’s accusers.

When Clinton visited the Good Morning America set at ABC on Tuesday, co-host Robin Roberts allowed her to advocate for the #MeToo movement but without ever asking how her family has dealt with the sexual misconduct of its patriarch. Instead, Roberts praised Hillary Clinton as a "great advocate for women and girls."

“Your mother, great advocate for women and girls,” Roberts said. “You have been the same way, Chelsea. And seeing this #MeToo movement and Time’s Up, what does this past year mean to you?”

“Well, it means to me that the girls sitting in front of us that hopefully they’re never going to have to have that moment, because hopefully their voices are gonna be so valued and listened to,” Clinton responded to applause.

Nothing about her mother’s discrediting of President Clinton’s accusers or any question about if she believes her father’s accusers. That’s completely the opposite way the media treated Ivanka last month. NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander pressed the president’s daughter, “Do you believe your father’s accusers?”

Ivanka called that an “inappropriate question” for a daughter and pointed out, “I don’t think that’s a question you would ask many other daughters.”

The media was outraged that she said this and nit-picked her response for weeks. But then, Chelsea comes on and proves Ivanka 100% correct.

A similar thing happened when Chelsea visited The View. They brought up Ivanka’s response and asked, “Do you think that was a fair question by the reporter?”

Chelsea responded, “I think that anyone who works for the White House should be expected to answer any question about the White House. About the president, about the White House's policies, practices. So, yes, I do think it was a fair question.”

Of course, none of The View hosts posed that same question to Chelsea. In fact, co-host Whoopi Goldberg saved her from any embarrassing questions by getting back to promoting her children’s book.

Newsbusters notes that Chelsea was asked about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and how that related to Hillary’s credibility way back in 2008 but by an audience member, not a reporter. She responded, “I do not think that’s any of your business.”

And now, the media thinks it’s none of ours either. Unless your last name is Trump.