‘The View’ Hosts Not Convinced Liberal Bias Exists on Campus

“We all went to college…” Well, that explains it!

On ABC's The View Tuesday, the hosts batted around a new Pew poll showing 58% of Republicans think colleges are bad for the United States. Now, the actual survey said “a negative effect” but the ladies interpreted that as saying Republicans think college is bad for people.

Jedediah Bila, the libertarian one of the bunch, tried to calm her co-hosts' progressive passions by suggesting the poll represents the negative impact from the liberal bias that exists on American college campuses. That wasn’t an acceptable truth for the rest of the ladies.

“Well, first of all, we don’t know who these people are that are polled,” Bila said. “I have a feeling that some of those people felt that there is a bias on many college campuses, on the majority of college campuses. I’ve seen it. I’ve lectured at a bunch of college campuses.”

“So have I, actually,” chimed Whoopi Goldberg, doubtful a bias exists. 

Bila was trying to make the point that students leave college with a liberal bias but the other panelists said it was because “they read.”

“You don’t believe there’s a liberal bias in the majority of colleges?” Bila asked among the erupting outrage.

“We all went to college, here, okay,” Behar decreed, as if that didn’t help make Bila’s point.

Behar offered up more of her expertise by stating that Republicans love the poorly educated because that’s who will vote for them.

Not as much outrage after that statement.

As Newsbusters pointed out, the same poll they used to rip Republicans also found that a majority of Democrats think the media is having a negative effect on the country. But crickets on that revelation!