Candace Cameron Bure Says Prayer Was Key to Surviving 'The View'

“I’m sending Jesus in; all the angels are around me."

Candace Cameron Bure told Jenny McCarthy she survived the anti-conservative daytime cacklefest The View by praying "a lot.”

On McCarthy’s Sirius XM show Monday, Bure and her fellow The View alumnus discussed the trials and tribulations of being panelists on the Barbara Walters-created program. 

For Cameron, the job was not as much of a shock as it may have been for its past token conservatives:

“I had quite a bit of heads-up from you, from Elizabeth…you guys all called me before, and I talked to all of you before going on that show…so I was prepared.”

Still, Candace said, when she took the job, she wasn’t ready for the constant discussion of politics:

“[The producers said], ‘Well, we’re steering a little bit away from politics; we’re trying to do more social talking.’ So I thought, great, ‘cause that’s way more up my alley than politics. But it was an election year, so how do you get away from that? I didn’t think that one through.”

Being the only conservative on The View wasn’t easy, and the Fuller House actress admitted, “Unless you’re in it, it’s hard for someone else to completely relate to what you’re going through.” However, she developed a system of support, from inside the show and elsewhere:

“I found my supportive team within the show— the people that were working on it — and they were wonderful. And then, I really prepared myself outside of the show, of having a group of people I knew would be there for me…that I could call — Sherri Shepherd told me that…’Have your go-tos that you know, even with that time difference you could call if you get stuck or you don’t know how to word your point of view’…So I had a very supportive team…If I needed help at the last minute, and it was my lifeline.”

One difficulty of the long-running ABC flagship, according to Bure, was the fact that the producers directed the ladies to argue on camera:

“I didn’t like the rebuttal…I didn’t like to have to argue back, because I just wanted to share my point of view and listen to yours…and they were like, ‘No, you've got to keep getting in. If someone doesn’t agree with you, you’ve got to go back.’ I don’t like to argue; I just want to share…and then leave it alone…I don’t want to argue with you; that wasn’t my style, so that part was difficult for me.”

McCarthy affirmed: 

“They wanted a fight.”

That kind of push into confrontation doesn’t make for a smooth ride, especially when you’re dealing with leftist loons such as Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symone, and the fiery, hot air bag Joy Behar. Bure’s method of dealing? Prayer:

“I just prayed a lot in front of people, so they all just knew…so they couldn’t poke and prod enough…I was like, 'I’m sending Jesus in; all the angels are around me; you can’t even touch me.'"

Bure's prayers were answered: she did an amazing job as the singular conservative voice amid her aggressive, left-wing counterparts. Candace Cameron Bure represented the right with poise, strength, and class. Just as in the two videos below. Thank you, Candace; you made us proud.