‘The View’ Defends Antifa, Goldberg Suggests It’s Conservative False Flag

It's official. They're all crazy.

On Friday’s The View on ABC, the co-hosts defended the domestic terrorist organization known as Antifa. If you’d thought the ladies had already reached peak ridiculousness, now you know you were wrong.

The only one with any sanity was Paula Faris who correctly identified Antifa as violent, domestic terrorists, but the others, like Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, denied, denied, denied.

In fact, Goldberg opined that Antifa was just a made up term, like a “catch phrase,” and likely a false flag set up by the Right so they could blame the other side for being violent.

She doubled down later, adding, “Oftentimes I found that sometimes the side that is kvetching the loudest has sort of orchestrated this so they can bitch about it.”

Hostin said she “had never heard” of Antifa but still felt knowledgeable enough to vociferously defend them:

“It is not an organized group and I do not think you can compare this ‘Antifa movement’ with the KKK. Because the KKK has been terrorizing my community for centuries! This false equivalency — there’s something on both sides — is ridiculous.”

Centuries, huh? But then again, Hostin did go on to suggest that Trump ran a racist campaign for “angry white people.” Definitely a go-to authority these days.

Co-host Sara Haines also agreed that the violence of Antifa can’t be compared with the violence of white supremacists because they aren’t “organized.” But that’s because these ladies function in an echo chamber where only their ideas prevail and any that are different are shooed away.

Watch the most ridiculous thing you’ll see all day above.