'The View' Condemns Trump SOTU Address: ‘Very Offensive’ to ‘Demonize (Illegal) Immigrants!’

"I thought the speech was very divisive...very offensive."

Unsurprisingly, President Trump's January 30th State of the Union address didn't impress the left-wing hosts of ABC's The View. With chief cackler Joy Behar absent due to sickness, co-host Sunny Hostin took the conch shell today to wax philosophic over the sinister elements of the President's speech, excoriating Trump for his "very offensive" rhetoric which "demonized immigrants."

Firstly, the show's token conservative -- daughter of Senator McCain, Meghan McCain -- reported that she found the President's presentation too partisan, yet noting that polls did not indicate that reaction among the general populace. Hostin stepped in to condemn the speech:

“Can I just say this? I thought the speech was very divisive. I thought in parts it was very offensive."

As opposed to speeches made by the King of Division, Barack Obama?

Meghan asked Sunny to explain the address's divisiveness. Hostin responded by saying that Trump confused DREAMers -- those born in the US to illegal parents -- with gang members:

"When he said Americans are dreamers, too. I would say that the DACA bill has bipartisan support, it has the support of America and for this president to conflate the dreamers with gang members, he was demonizing our immigrants here and I was offended by his speech actually. I thought that it was extremely divisive. If he wanted to unite our country that is not the way to do it."

Of course, as is par for the Left course, Hostin wasn't honest with her language. She meant "illegal immigrants," not immigrants. The First Lady -- President Trump's wife -- is an immigrant. Not so with DREAMers.

When McCain asked Hostin if the polled positive response to the speech surprised her, she affirmed so. Furthermore, her left-wing elite bubble wouldn't allow her to accept that perhaps the world outside of her own thinks differently from her:

“Well, I'm shocked, and I’m also shocked at the numbers...You said CBS was 70-something and CNN was 40-something. Who are they interviewing? I don't know."

Predictably, the left-wing ladies also dismissed Trump's taking credit for the economy, with Whoopi Goldberg stating:

"African-American employment [sic] stands at the lowest rate ever recorded and Hispanic unemployment rate reached its lowest levels in history. I just wanted to point out because he started when he was campaigning talking about this, he said 58% of African American youths were unemployed. It was 19.2%. The rate has fallen to 7.7 ok? But it’s been falling for quite some time. It didn't happen in the last year."

Hostin made sure to give credit where credit was due, to the cheering delight of the left-wing show's audience:

“It started in 2010. So let's give President Obama credit for that.”

Let's not, since he's not responsible for it.