NBC Cautions Viewers Before SOTU Speech: Trump ‘Under Criminal Investigation

“There is a missing major figure in this hall tonight...and that is the Special Prosecutor of the United States.”

NBC provided an incredible introduction to President Trump's State of the Union speech last night. Whereas the major networks drooled all over themselves at Obama's last SOTU delivery -- the network's Matt Lauer spent the morning with the biracial president for an extended schmooze session (see video at bottom) -- no such affection was given to Trump.

On Tuesday evening, shortly before Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave the introduction, Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie made sure to remind viewers of the context of the event: Donald Trump was "under criminal investigation," and Special Counsel Robert Mueller "[hovered] over the chamber." 

"And let’s not forget, as we see Attorney General Sessions, this is a president who’s under criminal investigation right now for obstruction of justice with regard to the Russia investigation. So a lot going on in the backdrop."

Was this how NBC covered the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton in 2016? Not hardly. Ten days before the election, James Comey announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was reopening its probe. Still, the media -- including NBC -- pushed her as America's candidate to a hernia-inducing degree.

The media's fawning for, and protection of, Hillary hasn't subsided -- four weeks ago, Elite Daily lamented:

"Another day, another ridiculous turn of events, thanks to the Trump administration. This time: according to an exclusive report from The Daily Beast, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly  re-opened the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Again. In 2018. Five years after her stint as Secretary of State ended and more than a year after the investigation was closed. Please, lord, on the fourth day of 2018, give me strength."

So, apparently, the investigation into Hillary is all because of Trump; Clinton bears no blame. But as for the President, any investigation is due to faults which lie squarely with him.

After Speaker Ryan's introduction of Trump, Special Correspondent for the Peacock Tom Brokaw added to Savannah's jab:

“There is a missing major figure in this hall tonight that we ought not to forget about, and that is the Special Prosecutor of the United States, who is at this hour probably meeting with his team deciding where they go now.”

Absolutely pathetic.

Chuck Todd -- moderator for Meet the Press -- responded in kind:

“He’s not there, but it hovers. He sort of hovers over the chamber, doesn’t he?”

No, Chuck. That cloud hovering is your shameful bias and lack of professionalism.

Brokaw added:

"Right, and that is an extraordinarily important part of what’s going on in Washington, D.C. And despite all of the grandeur of this setting and the television photos and the members of the Supreme Court, members of the cabinet, out there is a highly regarded investigator who is looking into whether or not he broke the law."

No evidence has been found to support any collusion between Russia and the Trump administration in the 2016 election. Nevertheless, the media continues to toss coins into a well of hope, throwing away their journalistic integrity in the process.

The sinister nature of the villain is what makes the victory of a hero so glorious. And as the mainstream media continues to wallow in desperation and negativity, Americans across the country are smiling because, despite the networks' best efforts, Donald J. Trump won the presidency and America is winning again.