Victory: SCOTUS Sides with Trump on Travel Ban

Case dismissed.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration attained victory in the nation’s highest court regarding an executive order that was perpetually derided by the mainstream media: Trump’s so-called “Muslim travel ban.”

The directive—which barred citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries with ties to terrorism from entering the US over a 90-day period—was relentlessly attacked by the Left as racist, despite the fact that Islam is not a race. Furthermore, the order was a moratorium, not a ban, and it was about terrorism, not Muslims from everywhere around the world, and Obama took similar actions during his presidency, which no one complained was a "Muslim ban." 

Nevertheless, a legal challenge was issued, and the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed that drive yesterday, deciding that the directive’s expiration last month effectively nullified the issue.

At approximately 7:30 p.m., justices sent the case back to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, which had upheld a lower court’s ruling to halt enforcement of the order. The justices directed the appeals court to dismiss the case altogether and to essentially wipe away its ruling against the Trump administration’s initiative.

However, a second travel ban challenge, brought by Hawaii, has not yet been dismissed. In that case, Hawaii also protests the 120-day prohibition of refugee settlement, set to expire later in the year. Nontheless, Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision strongly implies an impending dismissal of the Hawaii challenge after the termination of the refugee injunction. 

In both cases against the President’s order, it was argued that the administration exceeded its authority, and that the directive unfairly targeted Muslims specifically.

Last month, the intial travel order was superseded by a new one which sets itself against eight countries in violation of compliance to federal security regulations. Challenges to that order could also find itself before justices within a matter of months.

As the Left rages against President Trump by way of the media, a victory in the courts can’t help but be interpreted as a substantial win on the side of the Right. This especially true given the merciless degree to which the executive order was attacked by leftist pundits. The remaining legal challenge being made by Hawaii is likely to suffer a similar fate, and the Left will presumably huff and puff its way to closure -- until, of course, the next executive order, which will no doubt receive the same staunch, partisan opposition, absolutely regardless of what it entails.