Valerie Jarrett: ‘Too Painful’ to Think Obama Voters Flipped for Trump

Tough pill to swallow, huh?

Former senior adviser to President Obama Valerie Jarrett finds it “too painful” to think about the millions of Democrat voters who turned on her former boss and threw the lever for Donald Trump in the last election. It’s estimated that around seven million Obama voters went for Trump in 2016 because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, Jarrett answered host Joe Scarborough’s question about her thoughts on so many Obama supporters supporting Trump:

“It’s an enigma to me. I think, change. They were looking for change. I really cannot spend a lot of time looking backwards. It’s too painful for me.”

In fact, Jarrett said she spends very little time keeping up with the new president because it’s not good for her health. Instead, she is busy helping Obama and his foundation.

Something else bothered her about the 2016 election: voter turnout. Namely that 43% of registered voters stayed home. Jarrett hopes Obama’s foundation will help to get “them engaged” and “participating in our democracy.”

Jarrett wasn’t too busy to opine that race relations are worse under Trump than they were under the previous president — one of the most divisive in history. In her eyes, she believes Trump has brought up what “had been under the surface” for so long in the U.S. At the same time she claimed, “I don’t read race into everything.”

Riiight, nor did Obama.