USA Today: 3.6 Million Illegals Have Entered U.S. as Children

"The right policy is to be as generous as possible. There's no reason to limit who is eligible."

According to USA Today, the number of illegals who have come to the U.S. as children is much higher than previously thought: a new estimation pegs the bunch at 3.6 million.  

The count of three times higher than the approximation commonly used is a staggering new factor in the debate over so-called Dreamers.

As noted by the periodical, the stunning number isn't widely known due to current media attention toward 800,000 who fall under Obama's DACA (Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals) program.

Many confuse "Dreamers" and those covered by DACA. Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer tells USA Today:

"That's not a distinction without a difference."

The sum of 3.6 million comes from the non-profit Migration Policy Institute. According to the organization, those foreign born who have migrated as children comprise a third of the country's illegal population.

And some seem to want more. Executive director of the left-wing National Immigration Forum, Ali Noorani, contends:

"At a time when our economy is growing and our labor market is extremely tight, these are all folks of working age who have skills to immediately contribute. We would be spending billions of dollars to remove folks who have the potential to help the country grow."

On the other side of the issue, Mark Krikorian -- executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies -- asserts:

"It's not like they're entitled to anything, but prudence suggests an extraordinary act of mercy. Amnesty is warranted for them alone, at least this time."

Pro-Left Cecilia Munoz, domestic policy director under Obama, apparently wants the insanity of illegal immigration to continue:

"The right policy is to be as generous as possible. There's no reason to limit who is eligible."

Until the United States enacts and enforces policies which protect our borders and punish those who break our laws, no end to the tsunami of illegal immigration will be in sight. If the government continues to reward those who violate law and order, unlimited millions attempting to attain their Dream may instead contribute to an American nightmare.