MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace: Trump ‘Doesn’t Even Want to Know’ About ‘Threats To The Nation’

“I’m shocked. That we have a president that doesn’t even want to know."

The country has entered a strange time when those in the media regularly suggest that they're smarter than a self-made billionaire. In Friday's Washington Post, writer Carol Leonnig portrayed Trump's intelligence briefings as unorthodox, suggesting that their nature had led to concerns among some in the intelligence community. MSNBC chief political analyst Nicolle Wallace, speaking on Live with Katy Tur, came up with a ludicrous interpretation of the Post article: Donald Trump doesn't care about the security of the country.

Strange -- leftists usually insinuate that Republican politicians are too obsessed with terrorism and border control. But suddenly, by Nicolle Wallace's estimation, a Republican president is indifferent about national security.

Wallace told Tur:

"I was speaking with [James Clapper] and he said, you know, it is not the President’s job to come to our level. It is our job to go to his. So it is our job to brief him on threats to the nation in whatever manner he wants it. And the idea that he likes pictures and graphs, that is his prerogative, and he is the President. But what’s troubling is that it doesn’t seem that there’s anything that’s briefed to him consistently."

Tur's response invoked abject fear:

“Are you surprised that nothing has happened? I mean, that nothing major has happened?”

Wallace did nothing to quell the drama:

“I’m shocked. And I'm trying to stop being shocked. I'm trying to stop being outraged. It's just not healthy.

Wallace went on to laud Barack Obama as a very security-conscious Commander-in-Chief:

"We are still a country fighting the daily threats of terrorism, and it's only because of the policies that two presidents now have kept up. President Obama largely maintained a lot of the counter-terror posture that the Bush administration put the country on."

Obama had a counter-terror posture? He wouldn't even call them "Islamic terrorists." Wallace believes Trump is less concerned with terrorism than Obama?

Yep -- she does. Continuing, Wallace ludicrously lamented:

"That we have a president that doesn’t even want to know what the threats are to the nation on a daily basis is shocking.”

To be clear, the Post article, titled "Breaking with tradition, Trump skips president’s written intelligence reports and relies on oral briefings," simply explained that the President prefers to be told the information by intelligence officials rather than being handed written reports. In fact, in the story, CIA Director Mike Pompeo was quoted as saying President Trump is "deeply engaged" and "asks hard questions" during the briefings.