U.S. Economy Added Nearly 300,000 Jobs in Trump's First Full Month

The Left hates making American great again.

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Try though they might, the mainstream media and leftists nationwide can't hide the fact that in President Trump's first full month in office, the U.S. economy added at least 235,000 jobs. Those numbers are based on a Labor Department report issued Friday, but as you'll read further down, Moody's and ADP reports reveal that the private sector added 298,000 jobs in the month of February. 

The Labor Department also noted that the unemployment rate dropped to 4.7%, wages grew 2.8%, and that stocks are still soaring to record levels. Even CNN was begrudgingly forced to share the following report: 

Unemployment peaked at 10% in 2009, after the financial crisis. 

Economists say it will be a challenge for Trump to fulfill his promise to create 25 million jobs over the next 10 years. The unemployment rate is already very low, and many Baby Boomers have either retired or left the job market. 

At least in his first full month, though, Trump is on pace to fulfill that promise. 

Last year the economy averaged about 190,000 new jobs per month. The economy is showing other signs of strength: Consumer and business confidence is high and stocks are at record levels. 

Wage growth continued showing signs of progress after persisting at a sluggish pace for years until 2016. Wages grew a solid 2.8% in February compared with a year ago. 

Now CNBC, citing ADP and Moody Analytics reports, reveal an even more positive set of data. On Wednesday the outlet reported that employment in the private sector "surged by 298,000 for the month with goods producers adding 106,000 [jobs]." 

"Construction jobs swelled by 66,000 and manufacturing added 32,000," the CNBC report added.  

But pundits and analysts assured us the nation's economy would collapse in Trump's post-apocalyptic wasteland. We'll continue to scratch our heads wondering how they could be so wrong. Again.