US-Backed Forces Move Into ISIS Capital Raqqa

Kurdish-led militia liberates 90 percent on Raqqa

“Drive out the terrorists. Drive them out of this Earth,” said President Donald Trump in his address to the leaders of 55 Muslim countries in Saudi Arabia four months ago. The US President assured his country’s support in military campaigns against Islamic terrorism, but the Arab states would have to do the actual fighting themselves, he had stressed.

The mainstream media was outraged by President Trump’s comments. The Los Angeles Times talked about “Trump's speech draw[ing] mixed reaction, including plenty of anger, in the Muslim world.”

“Trump’s anti-terror call to ‘drive them out’ will actually make things worse,” commented The New York Daily News. Parroting the Obama administration’s Jobs-for-Jihadi logic, the newspaper added, “Challenging employment options and the free and effective public education systems to develop a trained workforce are perhaps the best counter-weight to the siren song of Al Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS).”

President Trump’s plan of “destroying Radical Islamic Terrorism” is unfolding itself. In fact, the Islamic State is feeling the full force of it right now as Kurdish forces and their allies are pounding its capital city of Raqqa – having liberated almost 90 percent of the city. The military offensive is spearheaded by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), mostly comprising of Kurdish fighters, but also some Assyrian and Arab fighters.

The UK newspaper The Independent reported the Kurdish-led military offensive:

A Syrian monitoring group says Isis has lost control of up to 90 per cent of its de facto capital Raqqa following a series of successful operations by US-backed forces.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday almost all of the city was now held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). A statement from the SDF's top command said Operation Euphrates Wrath has reached its "final stages"  after Isis first occupied the city more than three years ago.

After steady progress from both the west and east approaches to the city, the SDF said it had managed to open a new northern front, descriing the campaign as "nearing its end". (...)

It is not clear how many militants remain in the city. Several Kurdish YPG fighters - who are spearheading the SDF campaign - told The Independent they believed most of their opponents have already escaped to the desert, relying on sniper units and mines to slow the SDF 's advance.

If President Obama went into history as the leader who underestimated the threat posed by the Islamic State, calling it the “JV team,” President Trump may well be remembered for wiping the Islamic Caliphate out of existence.

The fight against the Jihadi ideology, however, will be a long-haul battle. Pushing the ISIS terrorists out of their capital may spell the end of the Caliphate, three years after its formal proclamation, but the theology that drives radical Muslims to kill innocent people and wage war across the world remains very much intact.

Mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries, and the disastrous policy of Open Borders has rendered Europe more vulnerable to Islamist terror than ever.