ISIS Tells Jihadis to Target ‘Christian Tourists

“[T]urn holiday hot-spots in Egypt into bloodbaths by murdering “Christian” tourists.”

The Islamic State is urging its followers in Egypt to carry out terror attacks targeting Christian tourists in a bid to ‘embarrass’ the ruling El-Sisi government and destroy the country’s tourist economy, the UK newspapers report. The call to massacre Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims was made in the Islamic State’s online magazine Al-Naba.

ISIS and other jihadi groups have carried out a series of terror attacks against Western tourists in Egypt and other North African countries. Last July, two German women were murdered by a suspected ISIS terrorist in a stabbing attack at a hotel resort in Egypt.

In recent years, ISIS has established a base of operations in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The ISIS affiliates in Sinai are trying to topple President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who took power in 2014 after ousting the short-lived Muslim Brotherhood government.

British newspaper The Sun reported:

ISIS killers have urged fighters to turn holiday hot-spots in Egypt into bloodbaths by murdering “Christian” tourists. (…)

An editorial in the ISIS weekly Al-Naba, which was released online, explicitly threatens attacks.

It tells ISIS operatives to intensify their attacks against "belligerent" Christians and tourists in the country.

The article says: “And it is worth mentioning in these days that the mujahideen in all regions of Egypt aim to escalate their attacks against the apostates, belligerent Christians, and the polytheists from among the tourists [i.e. Christian and Jewish tourists], and others.”

And the Middle East monitoring group MEMRI revealed that one ISIS supporter in the region wrote on the messaging channel Telegram: "The infidel Egyptian regime is attempting to demonstrate its presence, flaunt its power and take pride in itself therefore:

"Operations targeting the Christians and seizing their property will embarrass the regime and show it up more than targeting the military and police.

"Kidnapping foreigners and tourists will greatly embarrass the regime and destroy its economy.”

Facing total collapse in Syria and Iraq, largely thanks to President Donald Trump’s strategy aimed at destroying the Islamic caliphate—as opposed to President Obama’s approach of downplaying the threat -- ISIS has been urging its sympathizers to ramp up attacks in Europe and the West.

Since ISIS established the caliphate in the Middle East three-and-a-half years ago, Islamists have been receptive to its call for waging jihad against non-Muslims, carrying out a wave of deadly terror attacks in Europe, the US and other parts of the world.

While ISIS and its followers make no secret of their intention of establishing a Sharia-based Islamic world government and exterminating non-Muslims, the European political elite are busy pursuing a policy of open doors for immigrants coming from jihad-infested Muslim majority countries. By opening their borders to millions of migrants of fighting age, who have been marinating in jihadi indoctrination since childhood, Europe’s political elite have been inviting jihad on their doorsteps.

Photo: Western Tourists at Temple of Carnac

Photographer: David Dennis from Scotts Valley, CA, USA