University Staffer Goes on Hunger Strike for Social Justice

"No more bulls—- emails, no more bulls—- meetings.”

At the University of Vermont, one community relations employee, John Mejia, has gone on a hunger strike to push for changes in the name of social justice.

Campus Reform reports that a student activist organization called "No Names for Justice" held a Done With Bulls---- Rally on Tuesday to support Mejia:

“On Friday, February 16th a UVM staff member, John Mejia, announced they would be going on hunger strike until UVM meets all of the demands presented by No Names for Justice last semester including an additional 10 demands that they presented,” the description page read. “It is time for our demands to be met, no more bulls—- emails, no more bulls—- meetings.”

“THE TIME IS NOW!! YOU WERE BORN FOR A TIME SUCH AS THIS!!” the organizers continued. “Bring pans, instruments, anything that makes noise!! Bring posters, banners, anything that takes up space!!”

The demands include mandatory diversity training for all faculty, fraternity, and sorority members, “installation of a fourth flag pole at the Davis Center to permanently fly a Black Lives Matter Flag,” and to provide funding “for 4 full-time positions to offer ongoing Examining White Identity and Racial Aikido Trainings for all interested staff and faculty.”

We're not sure how Racial Aikido differs from regular Aikido, but it must be really special.

In addition, Mejia demands that the school quadruple “the staff of the Mosaic Center for Students of Color and its operating budget;” increase funding “for anti-racist events on campus from all sources including but not limited to Training & Professional Development, University Program Board, all named lecture series,” and implement an “ongoing and intensive training of UVM police in anti-racism and implicit bias on a semester basis” along with “the permanent installation of a Black Lives Matter flag installed at UVM police headquarters.”

How does any of this relate to education?