Maryland County Holds 'Black Lives Matter' Week at Schools

"I'm uncomfortable because I don't believe in their thirteen principles – and I'm an African American."

Why would a school district choose a social activism group and ask their kids to support it? Instead of just observing black history month for February, Prince George's County schools in Maryland are going all-in and supporting activist group Black Lives Matter this week, reports Fox 5 DC. Students will have opportunities before, during, and after school for activities and discussions and are being encouraged, for example, to wear all black. 

Some support the idea and others don't. Joshua Omolola, a Parkdale High School student said "We start this conversation in schools because for many people and for many students, this is community. This is where you learn and where you talk to your peers. Maybe your professors and advisor that are going to advise you later on in life. So school is the most appropriate place to have these conversations.”

An African-American teacher who wished to remain anonymous said:

"I'm uncomfortable because I don't believe in their thirteen principles – and I'm an African American. But I don't believe in their cause. I don't particularly want to try and teach anybody about their thirteen principles because I don't believe in their thirteen principles. I'm also a parent, and my children go to Prince George's County Public School, and I don't want a teacher trying to teach my children about Black Lives Matter.”

The school board said that they will consider weeks of action for other organizations which encourage tolerance, equity (not equality, equity) and social justice. Is that really what BLM stands for, though? The movement came to be in Ferguson, Missouri, after a police officer shot and killed a black man. They have been selling a story of murder, when it was really a question of self-defense, as borne out by all of the evidence, even an independent autopsy. "Hands up, don't shoot" didn't happen. That didn't stop Ferguson from erupting into violent riots that destroyed livelihoods

Since then, BLM has supported violence or been violent time and time again. The FBI considers them a security threat. This is not an organization that needs to be celebrated in schools on the taxpayers' dime.