Undercutting the Left-Wing Message: MSNBC Accidentally Cuts To Palestinians Rioting [VIDEO]

Not everyone WANTS peace.

During an MSNBC panel on Jerusalem Wednesday, a technical hiccup made for an awkward moment when suddenly the video cut to Palestinians rioting.

The left-wing MSNBC guests were in the middle of voicing their disapproval of President Donald Trump’s intention to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They feared for the safety of Americans internationally, and for the state of peaceful negotiations with the Palestinians.

Just before the video snafu, political commentator Heidi Przybyla communicated worry over the declaration causing increased hatred for Israel and America. Furthermore, she placed blame on Trump in the event of Americans being killed in response to the White House’s decision.

"I think we have to not only look at what the Palestinians are saying, but what the broader Muslim world is saying...and look at what [President Trump's action does to] make Americans look like they have a target on their back."

Suddenly, the video cut to rioting Palestinians, in mid-barbaric rock-throw, with a shot of an Israeli soldier hunkered down and ready to defend with a machine gun.


The sight, complete with the sounds of chaos, seemed to puncture the guests’ theory that the Trump administration was to blame for any potential violence from the peaceful Palestinians, reminding the audience of the warring state of that volatile group in the middle east. The panel went silent.

The clip was meant to be of Jerusalem’s mayor, commenting on Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as belonging to Israel. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle had to instead read the statement from the mayor.

The pro-Palestinian guests were left a bit speechless.

The anti-Israel, anti-Trump leftist media want to implicate Trump in any anti-American violence around the world. The video error during yesterday's broadcast was a sober reminder that there are factions internationally that are simply anti-peace, and they were that way before Donald Trump ever took office.