UK Terror Arrests Rise 68% to Record Level

“There is no doubt that since March and following the attacks in London and Manchester we have seen a shift-change in momentum."

The number of people arrested for terrorism-linked offenses rose 68% to a record 379 in the 12 months ending in June, one of the most intense periods for terrorist attacks in recent history, according to the UK Guardian,

This is the highest number of terrorist arrests in a year since records began in 2001. That includes 12 arrests linked to the Westminster attack, 23 to the Manchester Arena bombing, 21 to the London Bridge attack, and one to the Finsbury Park van attack.

The Home Office reports that

123 of those arrested were charged – 105 with terrorism offenses – and 189 were released without charge. The rest were either bailed pending further investigation or faced alternative action.

So far, 32 of the 105 charged with terrorist offenses have been prosecuted and found guilty and 68 are awaiting prosecution.

The number of terrorist prisoners in British jails has also risen in the past year, by 35% to 204. The Home Office said 91% of those in prison on 30 June held extreme Islamist views and a further 5% had far-right ideologies.

Police use of stop and search powers under the counter-terrorism laws rose by 17%, from 552 stops to 646.

The deputy assistant commissioner and senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing, Neil Basu, said six terrorist plots had been prevented since the Westminster attack:

“There is no doubt that since March and following the attacks in London and Manchester we have seen a shift-change in momentum. But while the terrorist threat has increased in recent months, so has our activity, reflected by this significant increase in arrests. We’re taking every possible opportunity to disrupt terrorist activity – be it making arrests for terrorism offenses, intervening where there are signs of radicalization, or working with communities to prevent terrorists operating in their area. Police, together with the security services are determined to make the UK as hostile an environment for terrorists as possible.”

While you're at it, please also make it a hostile environment for those who openly support the ideology and tactics of the terrorists as well, those who openly call for the overthrow of Western civilization.

The Guardian reports that there have been 19 terrorist plots foiled in the UK since June 2013, and that those arrested in connection with terrorism represent a broad spectrum of suspects in terms of their age, gender and ethnicity.

“These figures show that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ terrorist,” Basu said. “We’re seeing young and old; women and men; all from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and communities." Yes, but are you seeing a variety of different religious backgrounds represented? Because perhaps that's a key factor that bears looking into.

"It’s therefore important that members of the public remain vigilant in all situations, and report any suspicious activity to police.” Unless you're reporting any suspicious activity of Muslims -- then be prepared to be investigated yourself.

As London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan infamously put it, it's all just part and parcel of living in a big city.