EU Anti-Terror Chief Reveals 1,500 ISIS Terrorists Back Home in Europe

EU hopes to "integrate" these terrorists back into society. Because that's worked so well thus far.

Out of some 5,000 Jihadis who left Europe to join the ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, around 1,500 are now back home, EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove told German newspaper Die Welt.

Instead of putting these Islamist criminals -- who beheaded their victims and kept sex slaves -- before a war crimes tribunal, the EU official wondered aloud, “How can we help the national security agencies with the evaluation of streaming data? How can we integrate these ISIS-returnees again into the society? These are the important questions.”

EU counter-terrorism czar Kerchove made these statements in an interview given to Die Welt:

Around 5,000 Europeans had gone to fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, out of which 1,500 persons have come back and nearly 1,000 fighters have died. Many of the estimated 2,500 European fighters who are still in Iraq and Syria are going to die while fighting or be killed by ISIS, because the group does not tolerate deserters. Others will move to conflict zones such as Somalia, Libya and Yemen. […]

I think the returning [ISIS fighters] from Iraq and Syria will be taking various routes to enter Europe. For instance, they will travel through different countries employing a “broken travel” [tactic] and some will try to infiltrate the refugees entering Europe without papers. [Translation by author]

The EU counter-terrorism czar also explained the Islamic State’s new strategy:

Terrorists are carrying out the strategy of 1,000 cuts: instead of complex and intricately-planned attacks like the one on September 11, they are going for small attacks with little logistical effort – and preferably lots of them. [Translation by author]

In a recent interview given to the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Kerchove made the case for a stronger centralized bureaucracy in Brussels. “The President of the Commission launched the idea of a security union,” he said, “He appointed a full-time Commissioner, Julian King, who is monitoring the implementation of the security union and we have developed a lot of new policies, adopted a lot of legislation.”

The EU is happy to appoint new unelected Commissars, or push for ‘lots of’ extra-parliamentary "legislations," but criticizes countries like Hungary for securing their national borders.

Knowing full well that ISIS is infiltrating the migrant currents, as the EU official’s latest statement once again confirms, the EU is pushing for a "refugee relocation plan" aimed at settling hundreds and thousands of migrants across the EU against the wishes of individual member states.