Sanders wants Medicare for All Like Canada, Where They Wait Over a Year for Surgery

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Sen. Bernie Sanders wants the U.S. government to provide Medicare for all, similar to the Canadian healthcare system. But a doctor from our Great White North neighbor had some harsh realities to share about that “utopian” system.

Dr. Danielle Martin was a guest on the Vermont senator’s podcast, The Bernie Sanders Show, and said it’s not all pie in the sky. The doctor claimed that for emergency services, Canadians in dire and immediate need are seen right away. But for those types of care considered more “elective or non-urgent,” the wait times to see a doctor are astronomical.

Sanders asked for some examples. Dr. Martin said if a patient suffers migraines and would like to see a neurologist, they could wait a month or more to find out how to manage their pain. For someone seeking a hip replacement, or knee replacement, it’s even worse.

"It depends on where you are in the country. Sometimes it’s a few months, sometimes it’s a year," the doctor said. "In some places, it’s been even longer than that, that people wait for a hip or a knee replacement.”

Wow, sounds great!

Sanders introduced his bill to the Senate floor on Wednesday. He has fifteen Democratic co-sponsors, The Washington Free Beacon noted.

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