UK Security Minister: ‘ISIS Recruiting Jihadis on British Campuses’

UK universities “failing to do enough to safeguard against terrorist radicalisers on campus.”

The Islamic State (ISIS) continues to recruit terrorists at British universities, the country’s Security Minister Ben Wallace said. Jihadi recruiters have infiltrated student bodies and have been using them to mobilize Muslim students, Minister Wallace revealed.

“One head of a university society is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence over a plot to kill police and soldiers,” he said. “He was at the university, head of one of the societies and busy engaged in more than just espousing his beliefs.”

Islamist groups in the country are targeting schools and universities to indoctrinate and recruit the next generation of jihadis. Government inspectors have found Islamist books in school libraries and children are being groomed for terrorist activities.

The UK newspaper The Sun reported Security Minister’s statement on Friday:

Security Minister Ben Wallace blasted universities for failing to do enough to safeguard against terrorist radicalisers on campus.

[Minister Wallace told Parliament’s Human Rights committee]: “We know there are and have been terrorist radicalisers, terrorist recruiters and terrorists active on campus who have recruited young men and women into terrorism.

“We certainly see at the moment and recently young people being engaged by Isis recruiters in young settings, in education settings, quite a lot and that is a worry.

“We should all be worried about that.”

An estimated 850 British Muslims have traveled to fight for jihadi terror groups in Syria and Iraq, out of which some 400 battle-hardened terrorists have already returned to the country. These returning ISIS terrorists could recruit and train further jihadis, UK authorities fear.

According to official estimates, the UK is currently home to some 35,000 Islamists. The Muslim population of the country is set to triple in 30 years, rising from 4 million in 2017 to 13 million by 2030. Given this exponential rate of growth, the number of Islamists in the country is expected to skyrocket as well. The Islamist mobilization on schools and campuses is merely a reflection of this trend.