Beating Wife if She Denies Sex is OK, Say Islamic Schoolbooks in UK

Women’s responsibility is “only to bear children and bring them up as Muslims.”

Islamic books telling husbands to beat their wives if they refuse to have sex are among a range of disturbing teaching materials uncovered during an investigation of UK Muslim schools, confirms the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), a government-run education watchdog agency.

“Library books saying it's OK to beat your wife if she refuses sex are among misogynistic material found in Islamic schools across Britain,” the UK newspaper Daily Mail reported.

The nationwide investigation analyzed courseware, library books, and other reading materials from public-funded schools, private faith schools, and numerous Islamic madrassas operating illegally in the UK without government approval and oversight.

The London-based newspaper The Times covered the finding of the UK schools watchdog:

Library books which urge women to be submissive to their husbands and never refuse sex are among a dossier of misogynistic material inspectors have found in Islamic schools.

Ofsted has compiled a file of the worst examples of discrimination and sexism its inspectors encountered. The material includes excerpts from library books and children’s marked work which sanction domestic violence.

Among the worst examples was a book discovered in a school library entitled, “Women who deserve to go to hell” which said that it was wrong for wives to show “ingratitude to their husband” or “have tall ambitions”.

Teachers were telling schoolkids that women had the duty "only to bear children and bring them up as Muslims," The Times further reported.

Subjecting young British Muslims to Islamist propaganda will inevitably have disastrous consequences for the country. The rising demographic numbers, driven by high birth rates and mass immigration, are destined to compound the problem.

The present situation is alarming enough. According to a survey conducted by the UK broadcaster Channel 4 last year, 23 percent of British Muslims wanted the introduction of Sharia Law to the country. Nearly 31 percent of the Muslim respondents supported polygamy and 52 percent wanted to make homosexuality illegal.

If current demographic trends persist, the conflict will not be limited to the imposition of Islamist Sharia norms on the British society; jihadi terrorism is bound to escalate further as well. British intelligence has been warning about this for years. “I think this is genuinely a generational problem,” said Jonathan Evans, the former chief of UK’s domestic spy agency MI5, “[W]e are going to be facing 20, 30 years of terrorist threats.”

Apart from the lip service following every deadly Islamist terror attack, the British and European ruling political class has mostly chosen to ignore these warnings and downplay the emerging threats.