UK Feminist: It's Fine to Discriminate Against Conservatives

"I discriminate against people who are rightwing and conservative. I’m entirely happy to say so."

In a particularly angry and unhinged opinion piece in the UK Guardian, feminist Laurie Penny declares proudly that "James Damore is wrong. It’s fine to discriminate against bigots and bullies" -- by which she means conservatives.

Damore, you may recall, is the young engineer whom Google fired for calling out the company on its totalitarian workplace culture of political correctness. For his courage, Damore was honored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center last November with an Annie Taylor Courage Award for 2017. Damore is now suing the company for discrimination against conservatives.

Penny, on the other hand, called Damore in her Guardian piece a "sexist arsehole" who authored "an eye-poppingly sexist company-wide memo about why men are naturally better at computers than women." Anyone who has met Damore or even read the utterly reasonable internal company memo he wrote would find her accusations laughable. But Penny says he is now "a martyr for an alt-right that believes that losing your job for being a sexist arsehole is an injustice equivalent to facing centuries of structural oppression." Every claim in that sentence is false and absurd.

And the “political correctness” Damore exposed? Penny says that is "what used to be called human decency."

Actually, no. Political correctness is and always has been a weapon of cultural Marxism to enforce the "correct" social and political beliefs. Under totalitarianism, the consequences of being politically incorrect were brutal if not fatal. But Penny calls it "human decency."

The feminist went on to link Damore to Donald Trump and "privileged" white people, of course, and to trot out the tired old, demonstrably false nonsense about liberals being compassionate while conservatives deny medical care to poor brown people.

The entire essay is a 1200-word exercise in a jaw-dropping degree of psychological projection, blaming conservatives for exactly those faults exhibited by progressives. Below are some examples:

"Character matters," Penny asserts, which is precisely what conservatives have been telling race- and gender-obsessed leftists like her.

"The new right feeds off this narrative of victimhood." Excuse me, but the right is feeding off a victimhood narrative? What planet is she living on?

"[T]here is a material difference between feelings and reality." Yes, this is exactly what reality-based conservatives have been trying to tell feelings-based progressives.

"It is odd that the idea of decency and personal responsibility has now become the domain of progressives." Again, what planet?

She claims that "hypocrisy, over-sensitivity and intolerance of difference... are practically the watermarks of" the right. Surely she means the left?

She even quotes Karl Popper's famous assertion about the danger of tolerating intolerance, as if the right are the intolerant ones today. It takes a serious dearth of self-awareness to believe that the right is the party of a victimhood narrative, a preference for feelings over reality, and intolerance.

Then she gets to the revealing crux of her piece, a proud declaration of her anti-conservative bigotry:

I discriminate against people who are rightwing and conservative. I’m entirely happy to say so. I don’t view it as hypocrisy to judge people by their personal qualities, rather than their background and appearance. If people are bigots and bullies, I will judge them for that.

Well, at least she's open and aboveboard about her totalitarianism.