U of Connecticut Invites Linda Sarsour After Restricting Conservative Speech

And not a single counseling space will be provided for the traumatized.

This week, the terror-tied, pro-sharia Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour will give a speech at the University of Connecticut to a warm reception, unlike how conservative speakers who visit the campus are treated.

Back in January, conservative author Ben Shapiro spoke at UConn and caused quite a ruckus among the hair-triggered leftists. Not only were hundreds of people turned away from the conservative event, special counseling was offered to students feeling traumatized by Shapiro’s presence. 

As Fox News notes, Sarsour, despite her anti-Semitism and desire for jihad against President Trump, didn’t endure “the same review process” as conservative speakers, nor will the same kind of counseling be offered by the university. Not that it's required. Conservative students can actually handle different viewpoints.

UConn College Republicans member Max Turgeon, who invited Shapiro to speak, explained on Fox & Friends, “This is a school-hosted event, so they didn't have to go through the same stringent review process that we did.”

As long as a speaker is a “racial justice and civil rights activist,” they’re accepted on any college campus. It must be true because Turgeon also said he “can’t remember” when UConn has invited anyone from the Right to speak to students.

UConn defended itself via a statement:

A speaker’s presence on campus doesn’t mean that UConn as an institution has endorsed his or her message. However, we believe public universities should be places where differing views can be expressed respectfully and where our students and other guests can consider and challenge a variety of opinions.

The only “challenge” fir UConn is which rooms to turn into safe spaces for its easily triggered students. There's a clear bias at play whether the administration wants to admit it or not.