Linda Sarsour Backs Traitor Bradley Manning for Senate

Cue the shock in 3…2… wait, nobody is shocked.

Pro-sharia extremist Linda Sarsour put her support behind U.S. traitor Bradley Manning for his Senate run and not a single person is shocked. They are two peas in a pod.


How strange, though, that a Muslim would support a transgender person knowing full well that her religion allows for throwing them off of buildings. Perhaps Sarsour is ignoring that particular inconvenience and latching on to what she shares with Manning: his anti-Americanism.

Before he announced his Senate bid as “Chelsea” — in a disturbing ad you can’t unsee — Manning was formulating his agenda on Twitter with messages like “f*** the police.” This further proves he has no loyalty to the U.S. military, enjoys committing espionage, and thinks the police are “domestic occupiers.” That's a lot of hate for people in uniform for someone who loves dressing up as a woman.

If this is the best the Democratic Party can muster, then, bring it on. We Republicans "got this."